Update to v0.2.3

Hey guys!

The new version of OTR is out for everybody! What's new:

  • 1st part of Episode 3;
  • Android build;
  • Fixed (hopefully most of) typos and grammar errors;
  • Small GUI adjustments;



Off The Record v0.2.3 PC 904 MB
Jan 09, 2021
Off The Record v0.2.3 MAC 887 MB
Jan 09, 2021
Off The Record v0.2.3 ANDROID 858 MB
Jan 09, 2021

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The apk file for the android version doesn't seem to work. The file type is not recogized.

Damn, sorry to hear this.  You unzipped .rar file, right? Itch was giving me an error when I was trying to upload .apk file as it is, so I tried to put it in the archive, like with PC/Mac versions. I'm trying to upload just .apk rn again. Meanwhile, you can download the same .apk from Mega:

Alright, now the non-archived APK file is uploaded to Itch as well!

Thanks. The non-archived .apk file works and I was able to install it.